Smart Phones

Our professional technicians are highly trained to perform any kind of smartphone repair on a wide range of brands and models.

Tablets / Laptops

At our shop, we offer a full suite of tablet and laptop repair services, including virus protection at highly competitive rates.

Game Consoles/iPods

We are your trusted repair source for iPod and game consoles. We can help you with cracked screens, water damage & batteries.


  • Thank you for treating my emergency like it was your emergency! In and out with a new screen super fast! It works great and was the most economical choice- thank you for what you do!

    − Amy Stump
  • What a great experience iFix and repair has provide for our company (ARC Realty)and my family. I can personally say iFix has replaced 5 devices for my family and every experience was exceptional. IFix has also serves our company well in helping our Real Estate agents fix broken phones and devices in a very short turn around time allowing our agents to get back to work ASAP. I would strongly recommend IFix before going to the retailer and overpaying for new devices or service work!

    − Beau Bevis
  • This was by far the best experience. The repairs were done quickly and of the best quality. My iPad had all kinds of dust under the screen from the last repair. That’s all gone now. Price was very reasonable. Next time my kids break one of my devices I will go to iFix again!

    − Tommy Daspit